Fluidra Accelera has contributed to the creation of Tecnoturbines and has also become its strategic partner

It’s a company that has patented a new energy recovery system that is inspired by regenerative braking (a mechanism used in Formula 1) to fully utilise the energy produced by water pressure.

With an overall 75% performance, the companies with which it works have saved large costs thanks to its technology.


Tecnoturbines’ pioneering technology recovers energy with hydraulic turbines. Its microturbines reduce or make the most of existing excess pressures and are installed in water distribution networks to generate electricity.

The surplus of hydraulic energy passes through a turbine that rotates an axis, turning it into mechanical energy, which is transformed, in turn, into electrical energy with a generator and a patented electronic system. The generated electricity can be used for self-consumption or sold to the national electricity network.

Tecnoturbines’ product is designed so that companies that manage large volumes of water can optimise their resources.

Tecnoturbines was established in 2012 and by 2014, it became part of Fluidra Accelera’s acceleration and business creation programme. Tecnoturbines is undergoing a business growth process, increasing sales, strengthening its human team and expanding its extensive range of products.

It also works to strengthen its international presence with its innovative and sustainable solutions, aware of the fact that the market and energy sensitivity are more global than local.

“Having the advice of a team of experts such as Fluidra Accelera, who are knowledgeable about the market, is vital for networking and making your project more visible”

Jaime Lledó, Founder of Tecnoturbines


For Tecnoturbines, participating in this programme and “being linked to a multinational group like Fluidra is a guarantee seal that opens many doors, something that’s vital for networking and making your project more visible”.

According to Jaime Lledó, one of the essential tips for any start-up is to innovate and adapt to the market quickly. Industrial SMEs are very aware of the need for a good initial market study, in order to manufacture products analysing where and to whom they can be sold in depth. According to Lledó, “listening to potential clients and focusing all efforts on developing a product that meets their needs is vital”.

The company estimates that the energy potential that is wasted in the national drinkable water network is equivalent to half of what a nuclear power plant produces.

Because of their professionalism and innovation, their clients include water management and distribution companies such as Grupo Agbar and Canal de Isabel II.

Tecnoturbines clearly responds to the model Fluidra Accelera and its business creation programme promote: a company that has designed a successful solution to respond to new environmental challenges through the sustainable generation of energy.

We are always firmly committed to promoting projects that are clearly innovative, involved in the protection of water resources and include great personal awareness!

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