Eco-Sistems Watermakers is one of Fluidra Accelera’s partner companies, which specialises in the design, development and manufacture of water purifiers.

Eco-Sistems Watermakers provides solutions for seawater desalination, a process that used to be energetically inefficient.

With Fluidra Accelera, Eco-Sistems Watermakers has been able to boost its business and is increasing its sales, both in land and nautical solutions. Their constant technical development also places them even further apart from their competition.

With Fluidra Accelera, Eco-Sistems achieved exponential growth and the tools to boost its business by accessing external financing.


The company is an expert in water desalination by means of machines that work with batteries or solar panels, which can be used in boats or tourist facilities. Boats that don’t have generators or have low power can access drinking water more easily thanks to Eco-Sistems Watermakers.

In this way, Eco-Sistems Watermakers has managed to consolidate land solutions for ports, hotels, ice factories, fishermen’s associations, small communities near the sea and, in general, any business interested in having drinking water from seawater at a very competitive cost. Its potential clients are also marinas, hotels, campsites or other facilities that need to transform salt water into fresh water that’s suitable for human consumption.

Thanks to the energy saving provided by Eco-Sistems’ exclusive Energy Recover technology, these facilities find it cheaper to desalinate water than to buy it off the main network.

Eco-Sistems has managed to reduce the price of a m³ of water generated with its water treatment plants below the price established for conventional use. The company transformed its business model when it went from selling pumps to developing full equipment, opting for durability and sustainability.

When a company chooses one of Eco-Sistems Watermakers’ machines, they gain two benefits: An economic one and one that significantly helps protect the environment and its finite resources.

“Fluidra Accelera was key to feeling accompanied by experienced professionals, who have successfully participated in many other projects, from the beginning”.

Antoni Parés, Founder of Eco-Sistems Watermakers


Parés upholds good practice as one of the essential tips for any entrepreneur who wants to boost their business: “Having a good product or service that responds to users’ needs and being able to explain it to the market are key points.”

For Fluidra Accelera, Eco-Sistems is a business model with a sustainable ethos and a marked social component, something that is linked to our desire to respect water resources and work to preserve our environment, which is incredibly valuable.

We are always firmly committed to promoting projects that are clearly innovative, involved in the protection of water resources and include great personal awareness!

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