We help you transform your start-up into a profitable business

At Fluidra Accelera, we look for innovative and sustainable projects within the water sector. We promote companies that focus on the production and distribution of pool products, treating and channelling water or energy efficiency.


Accelera offers professional assistance to start-ups within the water industry and consolidates viable and quality projects in which to invest. One of Fluidra Accelera’s main priorities is to help the founders of newly created industrial companies develop a solid business plan that ensures the viability of their project and helps them attract investors.

Advised by Fluidra

Fluidra is a leading multinational in the pool, fluid handling, irrigation and chemical treatment industry, with a direct presence in more than 40 countries. Accelera mentors are the Group’s professionals, managers and experts in the fields of production, management, marketing and sales.

We consolidate ground-braking projects in which to invest

The industrial accelerator with Fluidra’s seal

Invest in sustainable start-ups

Fluidra Accelera promotes the talent of its start-ups and develops sustainable model plans with Fluidra Group’s mentors.

Commitment and disposition

The team of Fluidra Accelera work so that the start-ups that are part of our acceleration programme can continue to create technology and innovative solutions that contribute to the improvement of society. Promoting innovation and sustainability are key priorities for Accelera!



A team of entrepreneurs of at least two people, who are dedicated full time to your idea. Fluidra Accelera boosts industrial projects that are clearly committed to the sustainability of water use and enjoyment.


The start-ups that meet the requirements, can submit their project by filling in a simple form. Among the received proposals, Fluidra Accelera will select those that show a more favourable growth/risk balance.

The acceleration process

The acceleration process, which lasts between 4 and 12 months, is carried out at Fluidra Accelera’s facilities in Sabadell, Barcelona. The entrepreneurs will have access to the advice of Fluidra mentors, managers and experts in the fields of production, management, marketing and sales. Together they design a complete business plan and outline a successful viability plan.

In the investors’ spotlight

Once the start-ups have been accelerated, actions are taken to attract investors. Hand in hand with Fluidra, the projects are presented in important investment networks. In some cases, Fluidra Accelera also invests in capital through monetary contributions or in kind.

Post-acceleration strategy

After their time at Fluidra Accelera, start-up creators will have a profitable company that’s capable of attracting investors. They’ll have also learnt about the processes involved in distribution, industrialisation, internationalisation and corporate management. They‘ll no longer be entrepreneurs to become businesspeople.